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The Presets and The Golden Filter Played Webster Hall (4/3)

April 8, 2009

l_b23a6b8a5ab44af4938729d561b6ff31The Presets returned to Webster Hall on Friday night (4/3) armed with an impressive light show and a set of songs that had the venues booming sound system flexing its muscles.  With more than twenty moving lights on stage going full-tilt, the Aussie duo knocked out one electro-dance tune after another and got steadily stronger throughout the night with whipcrack beats that worked the crowd into a frenzy by the end of the set.  The two most interesting parts of the night had the band showing their range – first, on a downtempo, heady instrumental that had the drummer (Kim Moyes) showing skills on the glockenspiel and second, on a cranked up, fuzz-static, almost-metal track that featured anthem vocals and orange strobes for added effect. 


The Golden Filter, also Aussies but now living in NYC, opened the show to a half full room due to the early (8 pm) show time.  The singer had the sexy indie songstress thing going on with blonde hair strewn in her face and the requisite jerky dance moves.  They played percussion-heavy nu-disco featuring two drummers, synth, and backing tracks and threw in their take on the White Stripes “The Hardest Button to Button” for good measure.  While their set wasn’t anything extraordinary, they have a good foundation of beats, image and vocals that will eventually have them headlining.


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