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Air France releases 3-part love letter…

June 19, 2009


Air France, the dream-pop band from Sweden, has released a 3-part love letter as a clever marketing tool to showcase their newest single “GBG Belongs to Us.”  GBG refers to their homebase of Gothenberg, Sweden and part 1 of the love letter is a travel guide to their favorite destinations around town.  Complete with train and bus directions, they describe their favorite late-night swimming fountain, an abandoned mansion, the town’s best barber, a faded road sign and much more with the kind of enthusiasm that let’s you know that don’t just love Gothenberg, they love life.  

Part 2 is the a link to download the single which picks up where last year’s EP No Way Down left off…a mello sunset dance party on the beach.  What’s not to love?

Part 3 is a short video of the city with the single acting as soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD: Air France with Roos – GBG Belongs to Us (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Air France – No Way Down (MP3)

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