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The Pool Party @ Williamsburg Waterfront, 7/19

July 20, 2009
I rolled out to Williamsburg to see what the new Pool Party location, Williamsburg Waterfront, was all about.  I hoped to catch Dirty Projectors set while I was there, but they didn’t go on until after 6 pm, and I had a prior committment back in Manhattan. Oh well.  The purpose of this post is not a show review, but instead an overview of the site  so you know what to expect when you go out there.  As expected, it was a total scene…
View to the right of the stage in the main space.

Description and lots more photos after the jump…

The entrance to the venue is at North 8th Street and Kent (look for the big white balloon).  As I walked up, there were a couple hundred fixie bikes locked to the fences and rails.  The line to get in stretched for 3 and a half blocks.  The reason there was a line to a free show was because you needed a wrist band to drink and they needed to check people’s bags.  Ugh.  It wasn’t clear if you had to wait in the line if you weren’t drinking, but as it turns out, there’s a separate entrance to an adjacent area that had no line at all.  It was about 30 feet north of the main entrance (look for the flag pole).  That area had no vendors and no bathrooms, but still had a decent view of the stage, and considering it took about 40 minutes on line to get in, I highly recommend this option.  The two areas are separated by a wall and security was stationed along the wall (see photo below) to make sure no one was crossing back and forth…I saw at least 10 people sneak over.

The dividing wall.

The dividing wall.

As soon as I walked into the main space, there was an intense game of Dodgeball going on.  Lots of sweaty, shirtless dudes who take the “sport” very seriously.  There was also a hoop set up for half court basketball.  There was a fenced off area for beer, wine and food vendors.  The stage was down near the water with the Manhattan skyline providing a brilliant backdrop.  For the most part, the space was open grass and concrete for people to spread out and lounge.  I saw people reading, sleeping, playing Scrabble, cards, etc. but mostly it was just a lot of casual conversation under the sun.  As expected there were lots Ray Bans, colorful outfits, hip haircuts and pasty white skin getting burned.  Magnolia Electric Co. was on stage while I was there.  They played a largely forgettable set of rock tunes that was at least good background music for people watching.  

Overall, it’s a good, laid back, Sunday hang as long as you bring a blanket, some pals, some food & drink (if you’re going to the secondary space), the Sunday Times and some sunscreen.


The line to get into the main space stretching down Kent.

The line to get into the main space stretching down Kent.

Entering the main space.

Entering the main space.





Magnolia Electric Co.

Magnolia Electric Co.




So how was Dirty Projectors?  Crystal Antlers?

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  1. puppup permalink
    July 20, 2009 4:59 pm

    too many hipsters.

  2. Willis permalink
    July 26, 2009 4:36 pm

    “puppup”, its a dirty projectors and crystal antlers show in williamsburg. what do you expect!!??!


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