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YACHT, Bad Brilliance and Special Disco Version packed Santo’s Party House

July 29, 2009


YACHT is the latest act to release a record on DFA and they celebrated with a raucous party at Santo’s Party House last night (7/29). Opening the show was Bad Brilliance, which is the alter-ego/character created by photog/artist Andrew Stasser (see photo above).  Stasser donned the giant suit and balloon head and was backed by a female singer and a rapper who wore a full-headed wrestling-style mask.  They were backed by dance tracks but the lyrics seemed like they were made up on the spot and it appeared that there had never been a rehearsal.  Stasser spent most of the set on the floor with a mic where various costumed actors (security guards, guys in tuxes, middle aged moms, etc.)  performed a line-dance of sorts, confetti was blown over the crowd and a lot of people had looks of, “What the hell is this?”  Well, it was some kind of performance art.  It was bad…brilliantly bad, and I think that was the point.


After a LONG break between acts (must’ve been an hour), YACHT finally took the stage in front of a video screen that focused on the band’s symbol, black and white triangles.  Special Disco Version (James Murphy & Pat Mahoney) worked the turntables during their set and the pounding bass was the heaviest I’ve ever heard anywhere.  The YACHT duo sang their bubblegum-electro-dance-pop and incorporated some choreographed performance-art moves.  Band leader Jona Bechtolt hit the dancefloor so he could have some more room to let loose.  The room was jammed but the whipcrack beats had the crowd dancing heartily nonetheless.  The show was tight and I look forward to dancing to their live show again soon. 

YACHT – I’m in Love with a Ripper

The highlight of the night was the Special Disco Version DJ set that followed YACHT.  James and Pat were drinking, dancing and looked to be having one hell of a party in the DJ booth. As expected, they dropped an incredible set of disco on the crowd.  One gem after another after another. Special Disco Version will play some shows in Europe and the Middle East before returning to NYC for the Electric Zoo Festival on Randall’s Island September 6th.  Separate post to follow on that, but the real place to see them is on their home court at Santo’s so keep an eye on their Myspace for upcoming dates there.


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