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September 15, 2009

PicturePlanePictureplane is Travis Egedy, the Denver based beatmaker who earned cred by remixing tracks by bands like HEALTH and Crystal Castles earlier this year.  Last month he released his own LP, Dark Rift.  Buy it here.  The album combines 80’s synth with 90’s house and lo-fi vocals.  There’s definitely a Merriweather Post Pavilion influence going on here too.  He’s currently on tour with HEALTH (label mate on Lovepump) and they’ll hit Bowery Ballroom next Thursday, 9/24. Tickets here.  Expect heavy doses of spacey art-school type shit on-stage along with the beats. Thx QC.

Pictureplane – Day Glowwed

Pictureplane – Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)

HEALTH – Die Slow (Pictureplane remix)

All tour dates after the jump.


Sep 17 2009    8:00P 7th street entry w/HEALTH    minneapolis, Minnesota

Sep 18 2009    8:00P the empty bottle w/HEALTHY    chicago, Illinois

Sep 19 2009    8:00P wrong bar w/HELLTH    toronto

Sep 20 2009    8:00P la sala rossa w/HEALTH    montreal

Sep 21 2009    8:00P club hell w?HEALTH    providence

Sep 22 2009    8:00P harpers ferry w/HEaLTH    allston, Massachusetts

Sep 24 2009    8:00P the bowery ballroom! w/HEALTH    new york city, NewYork

Sep 25 2009    8:00P first unitarian church w/HEALTH    philly

Sep 26 2009    8:00P sonar w/ HEALTH    Baltimore, Maryland

Oct 1 2009    8:00P village venue w/HEALTH, wounds    dublin

Oct 2 2009    8:00P KOROVA /W HEALTH    liverpool

Oct 2 2009    8:00P KOROVA /W HEALTH    liverpool

Oct 3 2009    8:00P arts centre w/ HEALTH    norwich

Oct 4 2009    8:00P optimo w/ HEALTH    glasgow

Oct 5 2009    8:00P the harley w/ HEALTH    sheffield

Oct 6 2009    8:00P brudenell social club w/ HEALTH    leeds

Oct 7 2009    8:00P deaf institute w/HEALTH    manchester

Oct 9 2009    8:00P melkweg w/ FUCK BUTTONS, HEALTH    amsterdam

Oct 11 2009    8:00P pilot with HEALTH    prague

Oct 12 2009    8:00P arena w/ HEALTH    vienna

Oct 13 2009    8:00P atomic cafe w/HEALTH    muenchen

Oct 14 2009    8:00P conne island w/FUCK BUTTONS, HEALTH    leipzig

Oct 15 2009    8:00P prinzenbar w/FUCK BUTTONS , HEALTH    HAMBURG

Oct 16 2009    8:00P festaal kreusberg    berlin

Oct 17 2009    8:00P gebaeude 9 w/HEALTH    cologne

Oct 18 2009    8:00P enjoy jazz w/ HEALTH    heilderberg

Oct 21 2009    8:00P debaser w/ HEALTH    malmo

Oct 22 2009    8:00P strand w/ HEALTH    stockholm

Oct 24 2009    8:00P landmark w/HEALTH    bergen

Oct 26 2009    8:00P garage w/HEALTH    london

Oct 27 2009    8:00P de kreun w/HEALTH    kortrijk

Oct 28 2009    8:00 Pancienne belgique w/HEALTH    brussels

Oct 30 2009    8:00P novosonic w/HEALTH    dijon

Oct 31 2009    8:00P NOUVEAU CASINO w/HEALTH    paris

Nov 14 2009    8:00P CLUB 156    BOULDER, Colorado

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