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Recommended show: Sleigh Bells @ LPR, 11/19

November 17, 2009

Sleigh Bells bring chaos.  Raw, metallic guitars, blown-out beats and grime vocals combine to make something that on first take seems almost unlistenable.  Once you get past the fact that it’s supposed to sound like that, you can start to bob your head.  Underneath the noize are edgy pop songs that will make the lighthearted on the dance floor seek shelter.  It’s a Brooklyn-based duo: Derek Miller handles the guitar and beats while Alexis Krauss rips the vocals.  It’s the kind of music that could make the prez grab his katana and make tigers scale stadiums.  It’s fresh and original – which always deserves props.  They’ll probably take the stage well after midnight on Thursday night at LPR.  Ohhhh, is that too late for you?

Popo opens.  Tickets here.  Sample a demo below.  Proper album not due til 2010. Curious to see how much they’ll clean these up.  Video and flyer after the jump.

Sleigh Bells – Crown on the Ground


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