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The Knife – Tomorrow, in a year.

January 28, 2010

The Knife has announced that they’ve recorded an opera soundtrack based on Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species with help from Mt. Sims and Planningtorock called Tomorrow, in a year.  According to the Rabid Records website, “They extensively researched Darwin related literature and articles, with Olof attending a field recording workshop in the Amazon to find inspiration and to record sounds.”

Ummmm…that’s awesome.  Stream the album in it’s entirety here and grab a free download of the opening track “The Colouring of Pigeons” below.  Pre-order the album here.  It’s due for release on March 1.

The Knife – The Colouring of Pigeons

Karin’s description of this track is printed after the jump.

“The title is taken from Charles Darwin’s studies of pigeons, a breakthrough of his examinations, coming home after The Beagle trip, it is when when he started to discover the genetics transfered within generations. It is a track maximizing the results of his studies. I thought of the “diversity of everything” something we have discussed a lot with Hotel Pro Forma, and a non-hierarchical way of seeing things. All the small details he studied and made notes of, like a pile of ants, an ants hill. Also a feeling of seeing things for the first time, overwhelming and shaken, but not afraid.”

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