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Yeasayer played Music Hall of Williamsburg

February 10, 2010

Backlit by 4 multi-colored screens, Yeasayer walked on stage last night (2/9) as a 5-piece…a bit of a surprise after only seeing them as a trio in the past. The extra percussionists made the band’s beats tighter throughout the set, especially late, on “Sunrise”.  A few of the songs from Odd Blood (which was formally released yesterday) came across incredibly well live, specifically “Madder Red” and “I Remember”.  The catchy choruses and soaring vocals showed that Yeasayer may be poised to crossover into the mainstream (see: The Killers). While there were a few songs that missed the mark throughout the set, the staples from their debut All Hour Cymbals won the crowd over time and again.  It’s just natural to dance to “2080” and the crowd did just that. While those tribal beats are great, I like the electro-disco direction the band has taken on the new record and I think it’s clear that after their sold-out show at Webster Hall at May 4th with Sleigh Bells, their next New York play is Terminal 5 (and maybe 2 of ’em).  Stream “Madder Red” and check out quick video from last night’s “Wait for the Summer” below.

Yeasayer – Madder Red

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