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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros played The Corner Hotel (Melbourne)

March 25, 2010

Blackraptor has hired Eddie Beanbag, an international correspondent, to cover the Australian music scene.  Beanie’s specialty is Aquadisco but is also moved by technolectro, melodic-house, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and old Soul Train videos. His first contribution comes in the form of a tipsy stream-of-consciousness review of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros show at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne on 3/24.

Words by Eddie Beanbag

awesome eddie sharpe show. that chick has an unbelievealbe voice. espeically when she rolls off stage and comes back just spinning around and grinning like she’s been ripping six foot tubes. damn she has got some energy. loved the trumpet.  from 9 – 13 peeps on stage. played ‘home’ about 3 songs befoer the encore so i was curios what they were gonna do. next few songs they bust into a neo country-pop set that finishewd with a chant i thought sounded like the words “mission beach” not sure what they were chanting but i twas clear the short haired chick was just on cloud nine. just clickin my spurs to the country twang. finished the show with a FIRST TIME….ALERT ALERT…FIRST TIME EVAH….eddie shartpe asks a bunch of aussies up on stage, as many as the stage can handle, we are about 300 strong in the room, all a one level club just packed to the gills. people start goin nuts to get up there with them. aussies slappin five with sharpe, then everyone in the band starts climbing up on speakers to make room then he says, ” ok now everyone in the room take a seat.” literally everyone talkes a seat, even all the chicks and wannabe dudes on stage take a seat and they segue into a ballad, edward sharpe and one of the 4 or 5 guitarists on stage, right up front, just ripping a ballad with everyone packed in like sardines and sitting indian styule, it was definitely a frist time for being asked to sit…and God only KNOWS what has built up on that floor over the years. one more rolliciking tuen for the 2nd encore for a show that was raging with aussies doing the patented “aussie clap” (they will clap to aby song) and the aussie chick on the shoulders move (again, will do so at the drop of a hat). great show, could only expect better as they get obver the jet lag for round 2 on saturday in faaar from home here in melbournia.

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  1. Hipster Grifter permalink
    March 26, 2010 5:13 pm

    I look forward to Eddie Beanbag becoming a regular contributor to the blog. He seems to have a very unique voice and reporting style.

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