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Florence & The Machine played Terminal 5

April 10, 2010

Florence & the Machine played an uplifting gospel-pop show to a sold-out, ravenous, Brit-heavy crowd last night at Terminal 5. While working through most of the material from her critically acclaimed debut, Lungs, the band’s name suddenly made perfect sense.  With her long red locks, white leotard and elaborate white shawl, Florence Welch is the franchise player and band is simply made up of interchangeable parts wearing black.  The lighting was solely focused on her and the audio mix was set with her vocals well above the levels of her band.  The only interaction she had with them was a quick break to sing happy birthday to the bassist, or was it the guitarist?  Who knows?  See what I mean.

Focusing on Florence works well however because she is a bona fide star.  Her voice is booming and note-perfect, she’s confident on stage and her dancing can whip the crowd into a frenzy.  At one point during ‘Dog Days are Over’ the entire floor section was dancing wildly…an impressive accomplishment in New York.  The highlight was ‘Drumming Song’.  She hit the peaks and valleys of the song perfectly and built to a raucous crescendo, freak-out dancing under strobe lights, singing all the while.

No more New York dates have been announced yet, but I’m hoping she’ll come back before the summer’s over.  All current tour dates listed here.

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  1. JACOB permalink
    November 2, 2010 3:55 am

    Are you kidding me with this review? Have you listened to Florence AND THE MACHINE? Have you listened to LUNGS? These musicians create the canvas that Florence paints on. This band of “interchangeable parts” created some of the most exciting and beautifully layered music in nearly a decade. And live they create the world that gives birth to Florence’s passionate onstage performances. It’s insulting to Florence and to her band mates to suggest that they are in any way disposable.

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