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Hot Chip & The xx played Terminal 5

April 27, 2010

The xx kicked things off early at 8 pm sharp (4/22) and played a whopping 36 minute set.  I’ve avoided seeing the band live because I never thought the soft-tones would translate well in a live setting, but the drums and bass exceeded expectations.  Regardless, this is still a band to hear on headphones or late at night. And 36 minutes? Whatup?

I was really there to see Hot Chip having not seen them since their promo show for Made in the Dark at Highline Ballroom a few years ago. That show was insane and I figured the T5 scene would be mayhem especially considering their latest album, One Life Stand, is my favorite release by the band so far.

The set consisted of a lot of new tracks with some classics mixed in for good measure. Al rocked bright yellow slacks and a white blazer, pulling it off as only he can. The sound was muddled for opener “Hand Me Down Your Love” but improved throughout the set.  While the crowd was moving steadily throughout the show I kept waiting for the band to blow the lid off and it never quite happened. For a band where beats are so vital, the drums seemed to be lacking all night.

For “We Have Love”, everything seemed to gel creating the set’s best moments.  The 4-song encore, opening with a cover of Shakira’s “She Wolf” was dirty and got progressively better as it went on with the band seeming to finally find a consistent groove. The crowd felt it too and the energy in the room built to a peak.

Despite my criticisms, this was show was fun as hell and I’m looking forward to taking it outdoors to Central Park in August, tickets still available here.  Get on it.

Set list after the jump…

Hot Chip, 4/22 at Terminal 5, NYC

Hand Me Down Your Love
One Pure Thought
Thieves in the Night
One Life Stand
Over and Over
Alley Cats
And I Was a Boy From School
Take It In
We Have Love
Hold On
She Wolf – Shakira Cover
I Feel Better
No Fit State
Ready for the Floor

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  1. Lil Donde permalink
    April 29, 2010 12:58 pm

    leaving a comment just so you know i still visit the raptor regularly. you can stop talking sh*t now 🙂

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