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Washed Out & Beach House played Webster Hall

May 7, 2010

Beach House

Webster Hall’s soundsystem is a beast when used properly and Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) took full advantage of it last night (5/6) opening for Beach House.  He started out solo on stage turning knobs, adding synth and singing along to his chilled out tech-house that was perfectly loud and crystal clear.  The songs are made up of several layers of sound that build into big grooves and are then spun around in different directions.  It had me and Greene dancing along…but not many others, typical. Similar to the last time I saw him at Mercury Lounge, he was joined halfway through the set by Small Black on drums, bass, keys and vocals.  The added elements work well and I’m lobbying for this to be a full-time band, Small Washed Blackout?  My only complaint about the set is that they brought each of the tunes to a silent finish instead of segueing between tracks with some kind of musical bridge.  If he can make that happen, this band could be really powerful live.

Beach House came out next in front of a set design comprised of glittery diamond-shaped pinatas.  The set pieces were a nice touch not often seen at indie shows.  It was my first time seeing the band and I was surprised to see a female handling vocals.  I can’t be the only one that thought that was a guy singing on the records, right?  Anyway, it was Victoria Legrand. Her hypnotic voice paired with the dreamy psych-pop was like a lullaby.  Still dealing with a Don Julio-induced Cinquo de Mayo hangover from the night before, I wanted to curl up somewhere and take a nap.  That’s not meant as an insult, but as a follow-up to Washed Out’s set, there was definitely a drop in energy.  A beautiful night of music regardless.

Washed Out – New Theory

Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo

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