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Das Racist played Santo’s Party House

September 17, 2010

Das Racist played a free release party for their new mixtape, Sit Down, Man, last night at Santo’s Party House (9/16).  With about 30 friends and fans wild’n out with them on stage, it was evident that this was more a house party then a proper show.  The 3 MC’s slammed beers between verses and passed mics around to friends.  The bands signature lyrics (which combine clever pop-culture, social commentary, non-sequiters and quirky flow) were muddled and mostly inaudible.  I’m a big fan of their mixtapes and wanted to love their live show, but it was kind of a mess.  That said, gotta give ’em props for keeping both the show and the mixtapes free.  Should be interesting to see them evolve as a live act.  If their shows can match the quality of their recorded tracks, they’ll be huge.  Download their two mixtapes (Shut Up, Dudehere and (Sit Down, Manhere.  A little sample below…

Das Racist – All Tan Everything (feat. Jay-Z)(produced by Sabzi)

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  1. butter team permalink
    September 17, 2010 3:49 pm

    DLing the new jawns now

  2. GJBrown permalink
    September 21, 2010 5:15 am

    nice review, black, and agreed on the mixtape.

    “muddled and mostly inaudible,” sounds about right for most hip-hop shows i’ve ever been to though.

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