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Pavement played Central Park (night 3 of 4)

September 24, 2010

It was 70 degrees under a full moon in Central Park as Pavement‘s NYC reunion week continued.  The band came out into a cloud of smoke with strands of low hanging light bulbs hanging overhead.  They launched into Grounded followed by an excellent Gold Soundz and it was off to the races as they burned thru 27 songs over the next 2 hours that leaned heavily on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Slanted & Enchanted.  The sound system was crystal clear and it was vintage Pavement all night:  big sloppy guitars, tight drums, quirky ballads, punk rock and dry banter.  Malkmus: “We’re a team up here.  There’s 5 of us, we’re like a basketball team…a basketball team that would lose.”

The nitrous mafia was out in full effect post-show on the pathway that leads out to 5th Avenue.  Orange balloons everywhere…eventually the fuzz swarmed in and shut it down.  Shooooooooooosh.

Pavement – Two States

Pavement set list, Central Park 9/23

Gold Soundz
Silence Kid
Spit on a Stranger
Rattled by the Rush
Loretta’s Scars
Stop Breathing
Trigger Cut
Cut Your Hair
Fight Gen
Two States
Summer Babe
She Believes
Range Life

Shady Lady
Our Singer
We Dance
Box Elder


Das Racist played Santo’s Party House

September 17, 2010

Das Racist played a free release party for their new mixtape, Sit Down, Man, last night at Santo’s Party House (9/16).  With about 30 friends and fans wild’n out with them on stage, it was evident that this was more a house party then a proper show.  The 3 MC’s slammed beers between verses and passed mics around to friends.  The bands signature lyrics (which combine clever pop-culture, social commentary, non-sequiters and quirky flow) were muddled and mostly inaudible.  I’m a big fan of their mixtapes and wanted to love their live show, but it was kind of a mess.  That said, gotta give ’em props for keeping both the show and the mixtapes free.  Should be interesting to see them evolve as a live act.  If their shows can match the quality of their recorded tracks, they’ll be huge.  Download their two mixtapes (Shut Up, Dudehere and (Sit Down, Manhere.  A little sample below…

Das Racist – All Tan Everything (feat. Jay-Z)(produced by Sabzi)

Blackraptor DJ debut

August 5, 2010

Last night (8/4) with Manhattan & Brooklyn as backdrops, I DJ’d the 150-foot Clipper City sailboat as it sailed around NY Harbor.  Thanks to all the peeps that came out and danced themselves clean.  You can stream or download the set and the playlist below.  Please excuse the “shoes-in-the-dryer” transitions, the stop-restart on the Chromeo track and the awkward segway into the NASA track…it was my first time.  I learned a lot…mostly that people really like to request songs.

To the girl who requested “Keep it Goin Louder” by Major Lazar: that was the best request of the night.  I’m sorry I didn’t play it.

To the girl who requested “Scenario” by Tribe Called Quest and then handed me a $10 bill and wouldn’t take it back: I really wanted to give it back to you cause I knew I wasn’t gonna play the track and you seemed pretty drunk.  I made a half-hearted effort to find you after the set to give your 10 bucks back…then I bought a whiskey with it at the after-hang. Thanks.

To the girl who requested “Bambaleo” by Gipsy Kings: That was an amazing request, I’m sorry I didn’t play it, but I think I made the right move.

To the guy who requested “anything by U2”: No.

To the girl who asked deadpan, “Can you play something a little more mainstream for my friend?”: You asked me while I was playing a Lady Gaga song.  I don’t know what to tell you.

I did grant a few requests including Miike Snow & LCD Soundsystem.

Thanks for the support.

Blackraptor live set on-board the Clipper City, NY Harbor -8.4.10

PDF of playlist: Raptor’s djay Set (August 4, 2010)


June 30, 2010
If you’re like me and you get tired of your iTunes library, you need sources of new music.  Terrestrial radio is mostly crap and I’ve grown tired of most satellite radio.  Internet radio has provided several nice discoveries over the past few years, but none moreso than KEXPthe music that matters. Based in Seattle on 90.3 FM, KEXP plays an eclectic mix of music with a focus on indie/alternative.  The stations centerpiece is “The Morning Show”, hosted by assistant program director, John Richards, which airs 9 am – 1 pm EST (this show is also simulcast in NYC on WNYE 91.5 FM).  Richards has incredible taste and often spins tracks well before they’ve hit the blogosphere.  He’s funny, self-deprecating and despite vast knowledge of the indie scene, avoids the indie-snob cliche completely. Cheryl Waters’ show follows Richards’ and is worthy of a listen as well.

So either tune in on the radio dials mentioned above, stream it at or if you choose the Radio tab in iTunes, choose the Eclectic category and then scroll down to KEXP Live.  If you like what you hear, support the station with a donation and become a member.  Blackraptor is a proud member powering KEXP.

Band of Horses & Grizzly Bear played Williamsburg Waterfront, 6/20/10

June 21, 2010

There was a line for ID check.  There was another line for beer tickets.  There was another line for beer.  There was a designated area where you had to drink the beer.  Once we figured out the system, got the beers, found the one security guard who didn’t care if we left the beer pen to go sit on the grass and drink the beers, everything suddenly became amazing.  The venue’s new sound system was crystal clear, the sun began to set over the Manhattan skyline and a breeze cooled things off.  Grizzly Bear’s chilled-out sounds created the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of lying around on the grass near the water’s edge with a circle of friends.  They played for about an hour which was just enough. They play Governor’s Island on August 12th (tix).

Band of Horses came on as it began to get dark and proceeded to play an incredible set.  Both the vocals and the music were strong all night and they got better as the night went on.  The running theme of the 2nd half of the set was the band’s fixation on a drunk up front named Andrew.  Ben Bridwell apparently took notice of him and began to work his name into song lyrics time and again (“No one’s gonna love you more than Andrew”).  While this could have gotten annoying, it was done cleverly and was actually quite funny.  When the encore seemed finished, the band stayed on and slowly built an impromptu “Andrew Jam” which included free-style lyrics, swampy bass lines and funky guitars all centered around the name Andrew.  It’s one you need to hear.  If anyone knows of a good recording of this show, please link to it in the comments.  UPDATE: See video in comments. They finished with a stunning version of “Monsters”.  Overall, a beautiful night in Brooklyn that had me leaving with a greater appreciation of both of these bands.  The bar has been set high for NYC summer shows.  Set lists  and more pics after the jump.

Grizzly Bear – And I Was a Boy From School (Hot Chip cover)

Band of Horses – Bartles + James

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Phish double-dips on Tweezer Reprise in Hartford (HD video)

June 21, 2010

Big props to HarpuaFSB for his incredible HD video of Phish’s back-to-back Tweezer Reprise in Hartford last Friday (6/18).  Be sure to watch this on 1080p and listen with headphones. WOW.  Thx to Eric & Lichtin for the tip.

Delta Spirit back with new album, tour

June 16, 2010

Delta Spirit released their sophomore effort, History from Below, last week and they’re currently out on a national tour that stops at Bowery Ballroom on June 30 (sold out) and Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 1 (tix still for sale).  The new album is loaded with soulful folky-rock and is highly recommended.  Stream a track below and pick up the record here.  Remaining tour dates listed after the jump.

Delta Spirit – Ballad of Vitality

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